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Homeship is a conceptual album that tells the story of our mother, the earth, from her birth to her ultimate death. It presents our own story as part of a bigger picture, a chapter of something much greater than humanity.

As Alan Watts once elegantly put it "we grow out of this world in exactly the same way that apples grow on an apple tree". He felt that we are the expression and the essence of a process grander than we can ever imagine.

Indeed, the story of our planet didn't start with us and it will not end with us, but continue long after we are all gone. Though we are currently doing so much to destroy this habitat and our extended family of animals and plants, life and the earth will endure and flourish again once humans are gone, even if it will take a billion years. We are not the first and not the last calamity that has fallen on this land.

By taking this wider perspective, I invite you to stop identifying yourself with your body and mind. To feel your existence as a fundamental expression of the process of evolution. Both the biological evolution of life, and the cosmological evolution of the universe. To see that we are the way in which the cosmos becomes aware. That our eyes and minds are windows through which the universe can see itself evolving.

We are the dance of creation.

Tuning In


We often think of ourselves as focused when we are working on solving problems, or doing some other kind of mental work. But by focusing primarily on our thoughts we are separating ourselves from what is happening around us. If we are thinking about the world instead of participating in it, we are always one thought away from where life is actually taking place.

Sometimes the smallest objects and phenomena can reveal to us the intricate and beautiful wonder of the universe. By turning our attention and focus towards what is right in front of us, towards what is really unfolding underneath the illusion of our separateness, we can tune into an inexhaustible well of awe, wonder and peace.

We can tune into life itself.



We cannot help but see the world around us as divided, our human brains are conditioned to look for patterns and distinguish each of them as something separate, the most fundamental division we experience being the division between self and other.

But this illusion of separateness is only created by our brain to help us survive. Nature knows no boundaries, and the real universe is undivided, continuous, an intertwined ocean of quantum fields.

We can get closer to seeing the world and ourselves for what they really are by listening closely and without judgement. In the silence between sounds and in the space between celestial objects we can find the void that binds everything together into one organism, one process.

Gaze into this void.

Radio Kwarantanna

Live stream recorded for Radio Kwarantanna in Poznań in 2021.

Hultaj Festival 2018

A fragment of my performance at the Hultaj Festival in 2018.

Misforgotten Stories

2016/2017 (2019 rerelease)

The years 2016 and 2017 were when I was still learning the very basics of sound design, music theory, arrangement and mixing. The tracks created back then are very rough and uneven, but I noticed that for some people this makes them all the more interesting. Even after a few years and releasing two EPs my older work is still being listened to and I still get the occasional message about it.

After someone asked me for the possibility to listen to those tracks in high quality I decided to remaster them to my best current skills and release them as an album.

Those nine tracks are ordered in reverse chronological order, meaning that you can listen to the last one I made before releasing my debut 'Voidgazing' EP and then descend back in time all the way to one of the first musical pieces I ever created.


On soundcloud you can find both links to my newest releases and uploads of any work in progress previews. If you scroll further you will reach my older work.


I use Mixcloud to upload audio recordings from my live performances.