Heptych is a non-linear hack'n'slash with metroidvania elements and heavy emphasis on fast and challenging combat. Play as an exiled member of the seven keepers of reality and defeat the other six to bring back change to a stagnant world. But can anything truly exist under constant change?

I was making it together with my artist friend, Tymoteusz Kowalski. The game didn't get very far in development before I moved on to other hobbies, but you can check out the progress we've made in devlog form on the TIGSource forums:

TIGSource devlog



Hullfire is a versus 2D arena shooter where players choose from different ships and deadly weapons to battle each other either through the internet/LAN or in splitscreen mode on a variety of maps. You can also include bots of various skill level in your matches so it's possible to play the game solo.

This was a major project of Double Dude - a duo consisting of me and Tymoteusz Kowalski. I did the programming and effects and Tymoteusz did the graphics and sounds. The game was developed in C++ and OpenGL with ENet used for networking and my own little OpenAL wrapper - TSAL used for sound.

Hullfire for Windows
Hullfire for Linux 32bit

I Am The Bomb


A simple arcade shooter/platformer where you have to shoot as many spiky balls as possible before your timer runs out and you explode (preferably taking more spiky balls with you).

Three levels of increasing difficulty and a few weapons to fight for the highscore with.

The game is made in Unity3D, both programming and all the assets are made by me. I used Creative Commons licensed music by an artist named Sabonis.

Download for Windows
Download for Linux 32bit
Download for Linux 64bit
Download for Mac OSX



A local multiplayer game for two players. It's a simple twist on the old artillery genre where your shots aren't affected simply by downwards gravity but by the gravitational pull of two planets - each player orbiting around one of them. It's also all in real-time, no taking turns. Hit the enemy with your rockets and shoot down incoming rockets with flares.
The game also has a simple AI for singleplayer play.

It was the first game made by the Double Dude duo. I did all the programming and Tymoteusz all the art. The game is programmed in C++/OpenGL.

Download for Linux 32bit
Download for Windows