Dolby Encoding Engine


While working at Dolby I have been developing the Dolby Encoding Engine. A product aimed at professionals wanting to encode audio and video using Dolby technologies, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

I've been working on this project since it's very inception in 2016, laying the foundations in a small two-person team until the team and project grew into a major Dolby product. It is currently being used by tens of professional clients, mostly in the VoD business.

Dolby Encoding Engine

Master's Thesis


The title of my master's thesis was "Methods of interactive physics modelling in centralised and distributed environments". The paper mostly deals with three dimensional rigid body simulation with resting, static and dynamic friction and interactivity. A separate chapter deals with how the simulation relates to networked environments like online video games.

You can read the complete thesis HERE (in Polish only) and download my example implementation of a networked simulation pictured above HERE (Linux sources with makefile).



TSAL (Thin Sound Abstraction Layer) is a small C++ wrapper for OpenAL attempting to fix it's many issues, adding an additional level of abstraction and bundling ogg file support.

I wrote it as part of my bachelor's degree in CS and it's completely open-source, released under a BSD-style license.

You can find the source on GitHub and the full documentation (only in Polish) HERE.

Jumpy: Deutsche Dieselpunk Mayhem Totalfest


Jumpy is a modification for the game Gusanos (an online Liero clone) I wrote a long time ago in high school.

Beside replacing the rope swinging mechanic of the original game with walljumping the mod also introduced new maps, weapons, match mechanics and menus.

The whole thing had a dieselpunk vibe to it inspired by games such as Wolfenstein and Bloodrayne.

You can download the mod HERE.

Elegant Pattern


This is a simple GTK2 theme I made based on the popular Elegant Brit theme. Lots of applications are switching from GTK2 to GTK3 so I don't know if this will ever be used by anyone again, but here it is.

You can find it on GNOME-Look HERE.